There are a number of ways you can hide your Snapchat story from your friends, followers and other social media users. This is a great way to share your life without having to worry about them seeing your posts. If you want to hide your stories from others, you can manually block them, or you can simply hide them from your news feed.

The most basic way to hide your Snapchat Stories from other users is to hide them from the News Feed. To do this, you need to go into your Profile Settings. You can then scroll down to Account Actions. Once you get there, you need to find the Blocked section. A little red X will appear next to the person you are trying to hide the story from.

Snapchat Stories

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While you are there, you need to find the most important story-related option. One of the most exciting features of Snapchat is its story feature, which is a great way to share your life. However, if you have not been using it, you may not know that it is a good idea to hide your story from certain people.

For example, you can hide your Snapchat story from parents, friends and other people you don’t want to see what you’ve been up to. Or you can hide your Snapchat story from certain groups or colleges. Using this feature can be a fun way to keep yourself and your friends from accidentally getting on each other’s bad side. Luckily, you can also customize your viewers so that only your closest friends can view your stories.

Another clever way to hide your Snapchat Story is to have it disappear entirely. Unlike Facebook, which doesn’t let you know when someone has hidden a story from you, Snapchat has a nifty feature to notify you if a friend is doing this.

However, if you want to make sure that you do the right thing, you should do some research. This means you should read the story description and learn a little about what you are doing. In addition, you should check the rumor mill. Even if the rumor mill says that a user has been blocked, it’s unlikely.

customize your viewers

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In addition, you should check the screenshots and videos you’ve captured for clues to whether or not a story has been hidden. You can also use the ‘Snap me’ feature to send a screenshot of your own to a friend. Using this feature is a nice little courtesy.

Finally, you should use the ‘Report’ button to notify Snapchat that you have a bad experience with someone. After reporting the account, the company will investigate and fix the issue. Depending on the severity of the problem, the account could be permanently deleted. However, you can still contact the individual. It’s probably best to leave them alone if you’ve made the appropriate changes.

While these are just some of the more advanced techniques available, you should be aware that there are a few other less obvious tricks to preventing people from seeing your Snapchat stories.