Watching videos frame by frame can be a fun way to experience content that’s a bit too complex to sift through with the mouse. It also shows you what’s going on at any given time in a given video. This is useful for watching a complicated scene or a clip you may have missed in the past.

There are several different ways to go frame by frame on YouTube, including the traditional dragging and dropping method or using third-party applications. The first method involves copying the URL of the video into the browser’s address bar. Once this is done, you’re ready to view the video. Another method allows you to download a version of the video to watch later. You can even customize the frames you see with a simple web form.

simple web form

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You can also view a YouTube video with an external application such as VLC media player. This will allow you to edit the video with a few clicks of a mouse. With a little effort, you can even create your own gifs and avatars. However, you’ll need to be more advanced than a casual visitor to the site.

If you’re not into tinkering with the underlying HTML code of a site, you can simply copy the url of the YouTube video you wish to play into the box on the Watch Frame by Frame website. This essentially turns the page into a virtual video screen. After that, you’ll need to hit the play button to start the video. On the downside, this method may not be as intuitive as the others.

In the quest to go frame by frame on YouTube, you may need to resort to keyboard shortcuts. This includes the usual suspects such as the command line or the less sexy play option. Although this method isn’t as easy as you’d expect, it is still the best way to play the videos you want. Aside from the keyboard, you can also use your phone. As for compatibility, the site is available on mobile devices like Android and iOS. And if you’re using Windows, you can also download a free version of the video player from the Microsoft Store.

video player from the Microsoft Store

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If you want to learn more about YouTube’s video player and the different ways to go frame by frame, you can read the FAQ or check out a tutorial. Ultimately, though, you should decide which method is best for you and your needs. But before you go slamming the play button, be sure to practice proper video viewing etiquette. Playing a clip in the wrong order could skew your results. Also, try to avoid letting the computer pause the video during an advertisement. These are just some of the steps you should follow to enjoy your favorite clips in the most entertaining manner possible.

Finally, it’s important to remember that there are no guarantees when it comes to how you can go frame by frame on YouTube. The site’s user interface isn’t always conducive to a more hands-on approach, and the software might not be compatible with your system.